“Here is the truth–I liked this book more than–do I dare say it? More than Graceling by Kristen Cashor…Two Moon Princess has fantasy, action, romance, a strong-willed girl who kicks butt with her bow and arrow, and an arrogant and equally strong-willed boy who manages to open his heart to Andrea. Who does not want to read this?”—

“Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban expresses some great ideas and sneakily teaches a few excellent lessons in Two Moon Princess.”—

“This is a book that is hard to put down and will quickly ignite the imaginations of middle grade readers, especially girls seeking adventures of their own.”— Children’s Literature Network

“In her first novel, Ferreiro-Esteban shows potential and presents an interesting take on old world vs. new world …Two Moon Princess is worth a second look.”— School Library Journal

“This is a strong title that will appeal to teens who like fantasy with adventure, romance, and strong female protagonists.”—

“I loved Two Moon Princess! There was always something happening, rendering it impossible to be bored. With a completely original plot, it included practically every genre – fantasy, romance, action, adventure, and contemporary – so I think everyone will be able to find an aspect that they enjoy. Consistently thrilling and packed with exciting plot twists, it was extremely hard to put down.”—

“Fast paced, enchanting, and humorous, Two Moon Princess is definitely a book that you will not want to miss. Don’t be fooled by the demure cover, this one headstrong princess’s journey will make you wish that Andrea’s story would never end as she learns that she can be a lady and still follow her heart.”—

“TWO MOON PRINCESS is a wonderful book that kept me up turning its pages and reading well into the night. I was transported into Andrea’s world and didn’t want to leave. There was never a dull moment or a bland character. The author’s parallel worlds were richly described and all the characters grew throughout the story. This story was full of adventure, and the romance was an unexpected surprise. This is a great pick for readers who enjoy fantasy but also great for readers who like romance in their stories. I’m excited to see the author is working on a sequel, which I hope to read soon.”—

Good Reads Candi Criddle‘s review This book was about culture shock, growing up, and sacrifice; not time travel, romance, and princesses. I was tricked into reading it, but found I liked it and kept coming back to see what happened.