1. Andrea’s world is called Xaren-Ra, the Land of the Xarens. Xaren-Ra has two moons, Lua and Athos. Lua, the Copper Moon, follows the same phases as the Earth’s moon, while Athos, the Golden Moon is always full and rises . . .

  1. one hour after sunset.
  2. one hour after sunrise.
  3. as the sun sets.
  4. as the sun rises.

2. Andrea’s House is called the House of Montemaior in honor of Mount Pindo, the sacred mountain of the Xarens. Julián’s House is called Alvar after its founder, Alvar, The one Who Came at Dawn. But what was Alvar’s name while growing up on Earth?

  1. Attika.
  2. Roderic.
  3. Witiza.
  4. Pelayo.

3. Andrea’s mare is called Flecha. Flecha is the Spanish word for . . .

  1. Mare.
  2. Arrow.
  3. Sun.
  4. Moon.

4. It takes Xaren-Ra fourteen Earth months to complete a turn around its sun. This means that on her fourteenth birthday, Andrea will be, how many Earth years?

  1. Fourteen.
  2. Fifteen.
  3. Sixteen and a half.
  4. Sixteen and four months.

5. The banner of Gothia, Andrea’s kingdom, is blue and white. The banner of Suavia, Julian’s kingdom, is . . .

  1. Black and gold.
  2. Black and white.
  3. Brown and gold.
  4. White and gold.

6. When Don Alfonso meets Andrea in the garden the night of the Spring Ball he tells her that . . .

  1. her uncle, Tio Ramiro, is from another world.
  2. his brother, Don Julian, is looking for a door into another world.
  3. his brother, Don Julian, wants to marry Rosa so he can be the king of Gothia.
  4. her uncle, Tio Ramiro, knows where the door is.

7. In California Andrea’s cousin, Kelsey, studies Drama. Which of the following is John’s major?

  1. Archeology.
  2. Drama.
  3. Computer Engineering.
  4. History.

8. When Kelsey gets to play Mercutio in the play Romeo and Juliet, she is upset because . . .

  1. Mercutio is a boy.
  2. she wants to wear a dress.
  3. she doesn’t want to learn how to fight with a sword.
  4. Mercutio dies half way into the play.

9. Which of the following is Tio Ramiro’s gift to Andrea for passing all her classes?

  1. A golden arrow.
  2. A trip to the missions.
  3. A watch with a golden moon.
  4. A trip to San Francisco with Kelsey.

10. The name of the California mission Andrea visits where people are dressed to reenact the times of the Padres is . . .

  1. La Purisima.
  2. Santa Ines.
  3. Santa Maria.
  4. San Juan.


1 c

2 a

3 b

4 d

5 a

6 b

7 a

8 d

9 c

10 a


How did you score?

Level: 1-4 correct answers        Copper (Lua)

Level: 5-7 correct answers        Silver (Moon)

Level: 8-10 correct answers      Golden (Athos)